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Potty Training Do’s & Don’ts

With Abby Ham, www.wbir.com
July 18, 2017


Parenting 101: Potty Training Do’s & Don’ts from Dr. Preston Smith, a pediatric urologist at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and potty training expert, and the founder of PottyMD.  PottyMD’s potty training products are #1 sellers on Amazon and help stressed-out parents with useful information, tools, and effective solutions for potty training.

Photo of Dr. D. Preston Smith, MD, owner of Potty MonkeyPhoto of Potty Monkey doll being carried by a young child.

Five potty training tips from Dr. Smith:

Tip #1:  Make sure the child is ready. Look for signs. 

Tip #2: Have the right equipment. A little potty, a special seat, etc., and rewards help too!

Tip #3: Parents, introduce your child to the bathroom. 

Tip #4: Be prepared to ditch the diaper. You don’t want to send your child mixed messages. 

Tip #5: Use the method that works best for you and your family. 


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