Potty Monkey
Potty Training System

Potty Monkey teaches your child to potty in a fun and interactive way! 
“It’s time to go potty. Let’s go potty!”

Potty Monkey Watch

Introducing the Potty Monkey Watch! This watch has a countdown timer that can be set for every 10 to 120 minutes. When the alarm sounds, Potty Monkey’s eyes flash and he says “It’s time to go potty. Let’s go potty!” It’s the perfect interactive way to keep your child interested in potty training outside of the home. Potty Monkey stays with them wherever they go, and always remembers when it’s time to go!

Potty Monkey

Includes four items: Potty Monkey, his flushing-sounds toilet, “The Potty Trainer” informational book for parents, and “Monkey Learns to Potty” children’s book explaining how Monkey learns to potty and throws away his diaper for his “big monkey underwear.” Potty Monkey is a high-tech, cuddly and plush animal that educates every time he is placed on his flushing toilet and when he has to go potty.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what parents and grandparents are saying:

“This watch is adorable and works well. The alarm is not annoying, just a cute little reminder. ”

Elizabeth S.

October 2018

“This was an awesome tool to use while potty training our child. You have a couple settings of when the monkey says it is time to use the potty. We used that opportunity as a game and would race to the potty. We made sure that the monkey’s toilet was near our toilet. The monkey would be placed on the potty to reset and say praises. While the monkey was taking about praises, our child would be taking their turn. Our child (loved) their potty book as well. The parent guide also gave helpful tips. I would highly recommend using this tool for potty training.”

Denise Rhodes

July 2018

“She’s a big girl now! I purchased the monkey potty for my granddaughter. She loves it. My daughter said my granddaughter had misplaced it one day and was so upset looking for her monkey because her monkey needs to go potty with her. My daughter loves the improvement in my granddaughter’s attitude. She’s a big girl now. ” 

Avery Rayes

July 2016