Potty Monkey works for families!

Potty Monkey sitting on his toilet, between a training potty seat and the Potty Monkey board book.

“I bought this for a child with apraxia. Because of motor planning and processing, potty training was delayed. We got him the potty monkey, and something clicked in his beautiful mind. He was potty trained!! It worked! I hope it helps others.” – Reesey, March 2019“This was an awesome tool to use while potty training our child. You have a couple setting of when the monkey says it is time to use the potty. We used that opportunity as a game and would race to the potty. We made sure that the monkey’s toilet was near our toilet. The monkey would be placed on the potty to reset and say praises. While the monkey was taking about praises, our child would be taking their turn. Our child their potty book as well. The parent guide also gave helpful tips. I would highly recommend using this tool for potty training.” – Denise Rhodes, July 2018

“My Grandson was potty trained completely in 3 days. He loves the urinal. I have told everyone about that little monkey. Love it.” – Linda Scott, July 2017

“I have been potty training my 2-year-old son for a couple of months now. He really wasn’t making any progress so I did some research and found the Potty Monkey. When we first got it my son was excited and encouraged to use the toilet. The monkey has a timer for 30 minutes or 90 minutes. It is pretty loud and says reminder that it is time to use the potty. If you don’t bring the monkey and sit him on the toilet fast enough he says that he didn’t make it and to try again. Not those exact words but you get my point. The toilet that comes with the monkey makes real flushing sounds and is VERY loud. My son got bored with it but it is a very good tool to introduce to motivate your child.” – Brian K., January 2017

“She’s a big girl now! I purchased the monkey potty for my granddaughter. She loves it. My daughter said my granddaughter had misplaced it one day and was so upset looking for her monkey because her monkey needs to go potty with her. My daughter loves the improvement in my granddaughter’s attitude. She’s a big girl now.” – Avery Rayes, July 2016

“This thing is awesome! My son loves helping his monkey go potty, and I think it has really helped with potty training. It comes with a little story book that has a short and sweet story to read to your kiddo. It also has a little potty training guide for adults. Only negative is that I wish the battery pack would come out completely so I could throw the monkey in the washer…since it’s a potty training tool, it is definitely going to get peed on eventually! And with the monkey’s tail, it is a little difficult for my son to pull up/down his underwear. Not a big deal because I help him, though. Overall, this is a great product and I think this is why he has finally started going pee on the potty! He carries this darn thing around all day.” – Lisa, March 2016


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