Potty Monkey

Make potty training fun for your child with this cuddly and encouraging companion!

  • POTTY TRAINING FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: Potty Monkey has a 30- and a 90-minute timer to remind children when it is time to go. Monkey says “It’s time to go potty. Let’s go potty!”
  • DOCTOR DESIGNED: Developed to be the best potty training system for children by a pediatric urologist, board-certified and the author of many articles, papers, and books on urology and pediatric urology. PottyMD is dedicated to helping children with urologic problems.
  • TOILET TRAINING GUIDE: Potty Monkey comes with a fun storyboard book for the child and a complete potty training book for parents. Parents receive guidance to help boys and girls develop good potty habits, learn toilet training basics, and review successful approaches to toilet training.
  • FROM DIAPERS TO UNDERWEAR: Potty Monkey makes the transition to big kid underwear fun and encouraging. He talks to alert the child when it is time to go, and sings and talks when he is placed on his flushing toilet. Potty Monkey makes learning healthy potty habits fun!
  • SUCCESSFUL: Download a complimentary Monkey Doodle Reward Chart and receive a Certificate of Completion after completing The Potty Monkey System.
  • YOUTUBE: Watch Potty Monkey’s channel for helpful, kid-friendly videos!
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Be sure to read and follow the complete instructions if you want to see the best results from your Potty Monkey system.

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Potty Monkey potty training system is fun for kids and parents!

Potty Monkey potty training system is much more than just a toy.

PottyMD designed the Potty Monkey and supporting products to be the most educational, effective, and successful potty training system on the market.

The Potty Monkey system includes:

  • Potty Monkey that talks and sings
  • Toilet with flushing sounds
  • Diaper and big kid underwear
  • The Potty Trainer book for parents
  • Monkey Learns To Potty book for children
  • A downloadable Monkey Doodle Reward Chart
  • Potty Monkey videos on YouTube
  • A downloadable Certificate of Completion

Potty Monkey is your potty training pal!

Potty Monkey is a cuddly and plush, high-tech animal that educates every time he has to go potty, as well as when he is placed on his flushing-sounds toilet. Set the timed reminder for 30 or 90 minutes, and he will tell your child when they need to go potty. When placed on his toilet, he sings and repeats encouraging messages to your little one, teaching them to use the potty. His toilet makes a real flushing sound with the push of a button!

Your child will enjoy reading Potty Monkey’s book again and again, as well as watching his videos. As Potty Monkey learns to use his toilet, your child can throw out his diaper and change him into his big monkey underwear. Your child will learn along with Potty Monkey, and soon be wearing his or her own big kid underwear.

The Potty Trainer, written by a pediatric urologist, is a comprehensive guide to potty training; you’ll learn many potty training helpful tips for success along with the pitfalls to avoid. Parents are encouraged to use an approach that best fits both their parenting style and the child’s learning style.

Potty Monkey’s catchphrases include: 

“I need to go potty. Let’s go potty!” , “Thanks a lot. I feel better now! Don’t you?”, and “Great job! I’m going potty. Are you?”

The Potty Monkey potty training system makes potty training fun, routine, and successful.

Watch Potty Monkey’s story:

Potty Monkey Instructions &  Certificate of Completion:


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