Potty Training

Potty training is something every parent deals with at some point.

You’re not alone.

Potty Monkey doll is a fun help for kids when potty training It is a challenge every family must tackle

The good news about potty training is that it happens. The bad news is that it may not happen easily. Don’t feel defeated, though – many approaches exist, and you can find the one that will work best both for parents and your child. There is no “best way” for every child. Do not feel forced to train your child in a way that is not comfortable for you or your child. There are many “experts” who will tell you how to do it, but every child and family are different. You, as the parent, should approach toilet training in the way you feel is best.

According to most experts, the time to begin thinking about training is between the ages of 18 months to 3 years. The best time to potty train is when you and your child are ready. There is no magic age or cutoff. If someone insists you start training at a certain age, they are either missing the point or making a general assumption that you and your child are ready.

Choose a time and situation that is most comfortable for you and your child. Be prepared for a simple process, but do not be surprised if potty training does not come easily. Every child and every family situation is different. Some kids are easy to train, and others are very hard to train. Pick your time to train, do not let others decide for you. Be prepared for the best and the worst – as with most parenting challenges!

Check out more blog posts for tips and tricks to help you and your family on the path to tackling potty training! There are also a variety of helpful tools and products to help and encourage you and your children along the way. One such tool is the interactive doll-and-toilet system, Potty Monkey. With timed reminders and fun recorded messages, Potty Monkey engages your child in potty training with encouragement and a rewards chart to recognize accomplishments along the way. Potty Monkey comes with The Potty Trainer book, written by pediatric urologist Dr. D. Preston Smith, a comprehensive guide to potty training; you’ll learn many potty training pitfalls and helpful tips for success. Also included is a colorful board book, Monkey Learns To Potty, for your toddler.

Photo of mother and young girl beside toilet fitted with child's potty training seat.


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