Toilet Training with Potty Monkey

Toilet training is a big step for all kids – and parents, too! Toilet training takes a great deal of patience and plenty of comforting from mom and dad. Boys and girls can become discouraged and lose self-esteem early on, so it’s important to find a method or tool that is convenient and easy to use and one that helps your child feel secure.

Photo of young child coloring with Potty Monkey doll, toy potty, and Monkey Learns to Potty board book for potty training.

To help both parents and child, PottyMD created the  Potty Monkey. Potty Monkey is a great tool for toilet training – fun for your child, and it delivers positive results!

The Potty Monkey is a soft and cuddly stuffed animal who goes through the journey of potty training right along with your child. His built-in timer and audio messages give reminders when it is time to go (at intervals of either 30 or 90 minutes). Potty Monkey encourages regular, frequent bathroom visits, relaxed bathroom habits, and reinforces the importance of good bladder and bowel functions.

Potty Monkey comes with an informational book for parents and a board storybook for the child. He also comes with his own flushing potty (with sounds), a diaper and a pair of “big kid” underwear, and a reward chart and stickers for additional motivation.

Children have fun teaching Potty Monkey to potty, and learn how to use the potty themselves along the way. When placed on his toilet, Potty Monkey sings and talks, sharing encouraging messages to make potty training fun.

Parents will enjoy watching Potty Monkey videos with their child on YouTube.

Potty Monkey provides positive reinforcement and becomes a pal through the potty training journey to success!

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