Potty Monkey Watch & Free “Monkey Learns To Potty!” Board Book


Potty Monkey Watch + “Monkey Learns to Potty” Book

Together, a great set to keep your potty training efforts on track!

  • POTTY MONKEY WATCH TALKS to your child and reminds them when to go as he says “It’s time to go potty. Let’s go potty!”
  • NEWLY-UPDATE BOARD BOOK INCLUDED tells the story of Potty Monkey learning to use the potty – great to read together with your child!
  • GUARANTEE – 3-month manufacturer’s warranty on alarm watch
  • COUNTDOWN TIMER can be set from 10 to 120 mins. (This watch does not tell time.)
  • CHILD-PROOF SETTINGS Countdown timer cannot be changed by child pressing on buttons.
  • REWARD CHART & STICKERS INCLUDED to celebrate using the potty. Seeing progress displayed on the fun chart really adds to the accomplishment your child feels when they go potty!
  • YOUTUBE VIDEOS for your little one to watch and learn with Potty Monkey all about using the potty! Click here for Potty Monkey on YouTube.

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Potty training just got easier! 

Potty Monkey Potty Watch is the fun and easy way to remind your little one to use the potty! With this item, you’ll also receive a copy of the colorful children’s book “Monkey Learns to Potty!” – a great complement to the potty reminder alarm.

Let’s be honest, children never listen when Mom and Dad say “it’s time to go.”

And when you’re out and about, it can be hard to stay on track with a routine potty schedule. With its soft “alarm” voice and flashing lights, this cute monkey-face wrist alarm will capture your child’s attention and imagination, and engage them in the toilet training process. Smaller than other potty watches – AND – it doesn’t look like a toilet seat!

Monkey Learns to Potty is a simple story and perfect for a young child just being introduced to using the potty. Beautifully illustrated, your child will read the board book over and over again, and will be inspired to go potty along with Potty Monkey. 

As the two flashing green LED eye lights capture your child’s attention, Potty Monkey potty watch says “It’s time to go potty. Let’s go potty!” and plays a tune when it is time to go. The countdown alarm can be set to intervals from 10 to 120 minutes to remind them to go potty. This watch does not tell time.

    • Board book with expanded story – easy reader for kids!
    • 3-Month manufacturer’s warranty on alarm watch.
  • Repeating countdown timer function, from 10 to 120 minutes.
  • Watch talks and eyes flash green at potty time.
  • Childproof setting so child can’t accidentally reset timer by pushing buttons.
  • Rewards chart and stickers included to celebrate progress!
  • If watch comes powered off, press and hold both buttons (ears) to power on.
  • Replaceable battery CR2032.
  • Alarm watch is not waterproof; exercise caution around sinks and tubs.

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Potty training just got easier with the Potty Monkey Potty Watch and his inspiring storybook!

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