About Potty Monkey

Potty Monkey – Your Potty Training Pal!

Potty Monkey is a fun and effective way to potty train!

They see a fun new monkey toy and you see your secret to successful potty training.

Developed by a pediatric urologist to be the MOST complete toilet training solution, Potty Monkey is unlike other toilet training toys or devices. It is a complete, interactive system that makes toilet training fun for your child. Potty Monkey also comes with a book just for parents.  The Potty Trainer provides tips and solutions to potty train AND keep your child on the path for healthy potty habits for a lifetime.

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  • Parents should first read The Potty Trainer by Dr. Preston Smith, a pediatric urologist and potty training expert. This 80-page book describes different toilet training methods and provides tips to help establish good potty habits after training. 
  • Read the colorful, fun Monkey Learns to Potty with your child. While reading, you will both learn how Potty Monkey throws away his diaper and puts on his underwear. Your child should remove the monkey’s diaper and put on his new underwear, just like Monkey See, Monkey Do!


  • Show your child Potty Monkey’s toilet and push the button to make the flushing noise. Tell your child Potty Monkey has a toilet “just like yours.”
  • Open the velcro backing of Potty Monkey and set his timer to 30 minutes (the “I” setting). Show your child that Potty Monkey now will sing or say potty tips EVERY time you place him on his potty. FUN, FUN, FUN! Potty Monkey will also now give timed reminders every 30 minutes, reminding your child to go potty.
  • Once your child has mastered the early stages of using the potty, switch Potty Monkey’s timer to 90 minutes (the “II” setting). This is best for reminders throughout the day. Keep Potty Monkey and his toilet close by to establish good habits for your child. Good toilet habits will keep your child trained and on the path to good bowel and bladder health.



Interact with Potty Monkey!

Press below to flush Potty Monkey’s toilet!


Potty Monkey says fun, engaging catchphrases that will make your child laugh and smile while reminding them to go potty.

Click on the phrases below to hear what Potty Monkey has to say!

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