The New Potty Monkey Watch is COMING SOON! Woohoo!
This watch is a countdown timer that lets your little one know it is time to take a potty break. It has POTTY MONKEY’s voice! 
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A fun way to potty train your child!

For boys and girls—Potty Monkey is a fun way to potty train your child, a cute cuddly plush toy animal that reminds your child to go potty every 30 or 90 minutes. This wonderful Monkey also educates every time he is placed on his real flushing sound toilet. He says education phrases like “I like to go potty don’t you?” and “Let’s just sit here and relax” and “Great job! I’m going potty. Are you?”.

Potty Monkey comes with an 80-page parent book about toilet training, tips, and techniques. His Potty Monkey board book is very entertaining and colorful—remember “monkey-see-monkey-do”. Your child will learn to remove Potty Monkey’s diaper and put on his new underwear. The certificate of completion makes the entire package complete and rewarding. All of this developed by a Pediatric Urologist to help potty train your child and KEEP your child on a path of healthy potty habits in the future.potty train your child$34.99 + Free shipping


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