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The Potty Trainer – a potty training book for parents

A potty training book written by D. Preston Smith, a pediatric urologist and potty training expert, and published by PottyMD. Other potty training books are long and full of vague ideas. This book gives parents the information they need to potty train their child their way. The Potty Trainer is an excellent, straightforward, 80-page book for parents that discusses everything you need to know to train your child even in the most difficult situation.  

This book is dedicated to all the frustrated parents who lost hope of ever potty training their toddlers and assumed their children would remain in diapers forever, and to their children who have been forced to endure countless numbers of unsuccessful potty training attempts.

Advice for parents is in great supply these days. Bookstore shelves house scores of books on all kinds of parenting topics including potty training. Generally the experts claim to have the right answer. It’s tempting to think that you need a Ph.D. in something to be a wise parent. Which expert to trust? The expert who said sleep with your baby, or the one who said let them cry in the crib? The one who said feed on a schedule, or the one who said go by your child’s signals? The one who said potty train in a day, or the one who said let the child lead the process? Each one left us feeling we were making a horrible mistake if we didn’t toe their line. 

Dr. Smith believes in the power of today’s parents to make the best decisions for their child and family.

While understanding that we, as parents, may need information and guidance, he empowers us to seek and use the information that best fits our particular circumstances. He realizes that each child, each family, is unique. There is no one “cookbook” recipe that works for all children. In this book, Dr. Smith provides parents with a variety of approaches to go about potty training. He will help you to understand what the process involves, both physically and psychologically, so you, as the expert on your child, can apply the tools that best fit your unique child.

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